Sunday, April 5, 2009

Episode II

Dark Art

As a favor to a friend, I must ask this question: Why decorate the underside of a bridge? Case in point: the new Hwy 121 underpass at Sandy Lake and 121. I know it's in Grapevine, but grapes on the bridge? Really?

In other areas of DFW there are Texas "Lone Stars." In Corpus Christi, marlins, and I'm sure there are some graceful, non-forking trees somewhere in Arkansas. But why decorate a bridge when we can simply wait a while and get some original, spray-painted street art that truly represents the area we live in? It must cost a few thousand extra to put the molded/engraved etchings of a bushel of grapes on a bridge that instead could have used an extra lane or two.

Surely in these troubled times, we can think of better ways to spend our government funds than giving the dark side of a bridge what appear to be hemorrhoids.

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