Tuesday, October 20, 2009


It has been far too long since I have posted. Life has been crazy! At work, I'm working more hours and Rylan has begun to walk a little bit, so I'm chasing him around.

I finally took some vacation time this week and we went to the Yamboree in Gilmer. It's a celebration of Yams. There is a carnival, livestock show, 2 parades, and everybody brings something to sell. For more information on the Yamboree, go to Kara's blog.

Kya was on one of the floats this year, so we spent a little extra time in Gilmer than usual. While the Yamboree has it's high points, I'm not a huge fan since I'm not from Gilmer. I still managed to avoid the actual carnival part, where the truly interesting people are.

If you've ever been to my house, you know that when we bought the place, it had no back yard, but a putting green back there. I myself have plenty of reasons to cuss without taking up golf again, so recently Kara and I pulled up the putting surface. It's been rolled up and sitting next to my "trash area" by the curb in the ally for almost 2 weeks now.

It's monster heavy, so I had to use a dolly to get it out there, but Kara and I moved it out there by ourselves with really, not a lot of trouble. So, the day the trash ran the first time, I came home and all my trash was gone...except the roll of putting carpet. On it, was a note, stating why it was not taken. "Too Heavy (over 50lbs)" it read.

Seriously? You can't lift over 50 lbs? What the heck do I pay you for Waste Management!? Manage my waste!

So today, after looking at it propped against the fence for 2 weeks, I unrolled it, cut it into strips, rolled them up, and tied them up like a freaking graduation degree and stacked them neatly in a pile by the road as is required by the company that handles garbage.

Then I had an idea...

So I went inside to where our Christmas supplies were and got some ribbon and a pair of scissors and put a FREAKING BOW ON THAT PILE OF TRASH.

The lengths you have to go to just to throw away trash these days....

Take THAT society!


  1. You get 'em big brother. YOU'RE NOT A PART OF THEIR SYSTEM!

  2. Before curbside pick up, you would have had to deliver it to the dump yourself. That might have been the easier choice this time as well. But I know that you are glad to finally have it gone from your yard.