Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Episode XV


Tonight at church we talked about the need for humility in our lives and how it is God's purpose for us to lead humble lives that place others first. I like the "others first" mentality. I think it's what Jesus was all about.

However, arrogance is the exact opposite of this attitude which can be defined as "me first." I'm not just talking about me first in line, or me first to do something cool. I mean the attitude that elevates the self above all others. My way of thinking, my way of living, and all others are stupid.

I have read and heard others say that it is arrogant to say that Jesus is the only way. Is it not arrogant to so boldly claim that he is not? Then isn't it just rude and mean to call this way of thinking stupid? No, YOU are stupid. Stupid for believing that everything you think is right when this religion, this Way of life has survived persecution, ridicule, and corruption over thousands of years, and yet at the heart of it, the message hasn't changed. Then you have the audacity to mock others for believing it.

The real important part is and always will be what you believe about Jesus. I think it's God's way of making it simple and clear for us so we don't miss it, not arrogance on our part for believing in something of substance. Is it arrogant to like the Rolling Stones but not the Beatles? Or to think that America is a better place to live than France? No. Why do these rules not apply to my faith?

What have you done? What have any of us done that warrant our arrogant parade of our ideas like we're the first to ever have them? I'm insulted and angry at the pot-shots others take at what I hold to be most dear in my life. Especially those who know how important it is to me.

Don't hide behind "discussion" if you're not really seeking truth. All you're really being is an arrogant jerk.

Sorry that this post is pretty personal, but I take my faith very personal. An attack on what I believe life is all about is an attack on me.


  1. OH SETH I AGREE!!! I really feel exactly the same way, you just worded it better than i could have...

  2. While I agree with you whole heartedly, and I believe that we should be bold in our belief, I am concerned about the anger I hear. Remember to anger without sin. I am praying, which I whole heartedly believe in also. It is very difficult to love unconditionally when you are feeling attacked for everything your life is based upon. Keep on sharing His love. We know the end of the story.

  3. Even Jesus got angry. Let's not forget the temple fiasco with the whip he made...

  4. amen seth. anger is not wrong, nor is defending your belief, if done correctly. but when attacks get personal, it hurts deeply. apostasy hurts me, especially when it comes from someone i love.