Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Episode XVI


I worked out yesterday for the first time in about 2 months. Camp preparations prohibit me from working out in the time slots that I can do it, so naturally, I'm a little sore today. I woke up and that first move out of the bed sent off alarms in my brain that said, "Don't move that fast today!" So, naturally, I didn't.

It's ironic, but we talked about pain tonight at church. It was a really cool service. We had a student play acoustic while another sang "Hurt" (the Johnny Cash version). It was pretty sweet. Then PT Lee talked about pain. His main idea was that pain was a part of life. It is necessary even to help us learn lessons and direct our paths. Does it suck? Yes. Is it uncomfortable? Of course, that's the definition of the word. But it is necessary.

While I am no fan of pain, I do appreciate the times in my life that I've been able to learn from it. If nothing else, I don't grab hot stoves at all.

Did you know that in Louisiana, there is a hospital dedicated to the treatment of Leprosy? Yes, leprosy! It still exists! It's the disease that slowly kills the nerve endings in your extremities, causing your pain-indicating system to malfunction. You could easily get your toe cut off and not even know it!

I really don't have a point with this post. I simply wanted to make you aware of the fact that, while uncomfortable or even unbearable, pain has a purpose.


  1. pain isn't really just feels unbearable, but we bear it. we make it through to the otherside, where either the pain subsides or our bodies become so used to the pain level that it becomes a bit more tolerable. what doesn't kill us makes us stringer. physically, emotionally & spiritually. I know from experience. I live with chronic pain....but I also live with a Joyful heart!

    thanks seth.

  2. Just heard on the news that recent research showed that those who used profanity in the midst of pain may endure the pain longer but that it also increased their blood pressure. Interesting! Maybe those who use profanity on a regular basis are in constant pain. If so, that is really a sad thought.