Friday, August 21, 2009

It's Not a Scary Room

This blog is mainly so that I can remember some of the funny things Kya has said the past few days.

Tonight, my niece Abby spent the night here with us. Abby was scared of the dark and Kya said, "Don't be scared. It's not a scary room. It's a happy room...with princesses."

Kya likes for me to tell her stories too, and tonight in the story, I told her that boy unicorns were white and girl unicorns were pink (which sounds pretty reasonable to me) to which she said, "That's weird."

And if you didn't catch this on Kara's Facebook, the other night she prayed before going to bed and her prayer was this: "Dear God, thank you for my Kara, my daddy, and all my peoples. The end."

I love that little weirdo.


  1. I love these cute remarks that she makes and I am smiling big while I read them. So glad that you are sharing a few. When she was here, I was telling her that I used to be little like her, to which she responded, "That's Weird!!" She makes me laugh!.

  2. And I absolutely adore this picture!!