Thursday, May 14, 2009

Episode VIII


In other parts of the world, hospitality is one of the most central values. I say "in other parts of the world" because I am starting to wonder if our country has begun to forget what this value really is.

In the Bible, you see many stories about hospitality being offered to traveling disciples or apostles. You even see prostitutes who would rather face death than turn over spies and their reputation of hospitality become tarnished.

I believe that we are forgetting that hospitality is more than simply welcoming others into your home. Hospitality is something that you take with you. It is a central part of who you are even though it's almost always inconvenient. But what part of accommodating others and putting your own comfort and convenience aside isn't?

It's like when someone breaks something valuable of yours. When they say they are sorry, you tell them, "it's ok," even if it's really not. It's also when someone is talking, you don't interrupt them until they have conceded the floor. You certainly do not correct or mock every word they say. That's just sheer rudeness, the opposite of being hospitable.

Hospitality is a lost art. For all of you who I know, I hope that whatever your socio-economic class, faith worldview, or opinion of Star Wars, you have found me respectful, kind, and hospitable.

Feel free to drop by my house anytime...but please don't break my things.


  1. You and your family are always hospitable. I have seen your whole living room floor and every bedroom full of guests. You must have the gift of hospitality. Love you lots