Friday, May 22, 2009

Episode XI


I am watching a documentary on time travel. Apparently, there's an Asian scientist who sounds like he's from Texas who believes he's getting close to creating wormholes big enough to pass things through. I hope he figures it out. Hey look! It's Jackie Chan!

Then he can go back in time and tell himself, "Later in life you'll shoot a documentary about time travel. So let someone else dress you!"

No, but seriously, what would you do if you were able to travel in time to any place any time?

I would go to the 40's and help operation Valkyrie succeed. I'd probably also want to meet Jesus, of course, face to face. That would be cool. I'd also take a camera and go shoot video of the stuff that he did and bring it back and make it into a DVD. Everybody loves DVD's. Even Lazer Seals.


  1. I would definitely buy that dvd. If I could go back in time (and this is assuming that doing so wouldn't rip a hole in time and space), the first selfish thing I'd do would be to go back to White Oak, TX circa 1999. There's a whole slew of people I need to punch in the face. I'd probably save John Lennon's life and Kurt Vonnegut's, as well. Can we use these wormholes to go to the future too?
    I would probably go back and make it look like I wrote "Bohemian Rhapsody" or "Good Vibrations," or maybe just join the Beatles.

  2. I'd go with you to White Oak and hold them for you!

  3. First thing i think i would do is screw with myself a bit. Like just go back a few days when i know I'm not home and clean things.

    I'd then find out who robbed my house over spring break in high school and teach them pain.

    Plenty to do, I just hope the clock doesn't run on me during my travels.

  4. This is off topic but I just remembered that I wanted to respond to it the other day but the thread got away from the issue. When you were saying how animals don't have morality, I somewhat disagree. Animals live by laws even if they're not as obvious as ours. Clearly, we're more advanced and can fathom concepts that are abstract, whereas, as far as we know they cannot. Typically, if an animal attacks you its because they view you as a threat to their safety, their family, or their food supply and all three are valid. If an animal ate me, it wouldn't be wrong for him to do it, it would just suck really bad for me. It would be great for him. In the wild you are allowed to compete to the best of your ability but you are not allowed to wage war on anything. For example, animals never set out to destroy an enemy's food supply because that's against their law. I'm not doing as good a job at explaining this as Daniel Quinn does but that's some of it. You should read Ishmael, I think you'd enjoy it.

  5. hey seth,
    so i saw this video about time travel (and perfectly timed for a new Terminator movie)

    its pg-13 for sure...